Ice Fishing Safety

Ice Rescue Spikes When Ice fishing in British Columbia there are many Climate Zones. Coastal areas are usually much warmer during Winter months than the Interior of BC. Winters are much colder and Dryer in the Northern Parts of The Province, creating better Ice for a longer Ice Fishing season. No matter where you are in British Columbia, Canada there are a few Ice Fishing safety Procedures that if followed, should help provide a safe Ice Fishing Experience for yourself, Friends and Family.

1. Always check the Ice Thickness and Quality before venturing out. If unsure of the ice quality, check regularly by drilling a hole in the ice with an Ice Auger or Ice Drill. It is a good practice to wait for 4 inches of clear/black ice before venturing out.

2. Wear a life preserver when checking ice.

3. Always carry ICE SERIES PERSONAL SAFETY RESCUE SPIKES and a few yards of quality rope.

4. Avoid Ice fishing Alone. When traveling on the Ice keep in single file and well spaced, so that if one person falls through the other can help or call for help.

5. Local Bait and Tackle shops will know of dangerous Ice conditions, make the call or stop in.

6. Avoid Driving Vehicles on frozen bodies of Water. If you do, keep your windows open for easy exit, unbuckle your seat belt and have a plan of action if you do breakthrough.

7. Above all, avoid alcoholic beverages. Beer and booze increases your chances for hypothermia and increases the likelihood that you will make a stupid mistake that will cost you or a companion their life.

Below is a Safe Ice Thickness Chart. *this is only a reference*

Safe Ice Thickness Chart

Ice Thickness Permissible Load
3 inches Single person on foot
4 inches Group in single file
7.5 inches Passenger car (2-ton gross)
8 inches Light truck (2.5-ton gross)
10 inches Medium truck (3.5-ton gross)
12 inches Heavy truck (8-ton gross)
15 inches 10 tons
20 inches 25 tons
30 inches 70 tons
36 inches 110 tons

*Solid, clear, blue/black pond and lake ice.

Slush ice has only half the strength of blue ice. The strength value of river ice is 15 percent less.

No Alcohol

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